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English-Hindi > folding door" sentence in Hindi

folding door in a sentence

11.Out of the Portico are three pairs of folding doors.

12.The teaching area is large and airy and can be divided by folding doors.

13.There's a folding door at one end of it.

14.The station was also fitted with new folding doors.

15.The handyman made the frame opening to accommodate three of the four 18-inch-wide folding doors.

16.In the plane's two-inch lavatory with folding door.

17.Most folding doors are glazed and the panels have frames of either wood, aluminium or upvc.

18.This room retains the original timber folding doors.

19.The removal of folding doors between the living and dining areas probably occurred during this period.

20.There was a " very roomy " downstairs lounge, separated from a coffee room by folding doors.

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