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English-Hindi > force couple" sentence in Hindi

force couple in a sentence

21.It would force couples wanting to divorce to go through a supervised reconciliation attempt, and no divorce would be granted unless the couple lived apart for at least two years.

22._Eliminating or reducing the so-called " marriage penalty, " which forces couples with two wage earners to pay more in federal taxes than they would if they had remained unmarried.

23.It features a two-career Air Force couple, a second lieutenant and her spouse, a master sergeant, and their personal tragedy when their rented house was damaged during the North Dakota flood.

24.However, by 2010, intensive security operations by Puntland military forces coupled with community-led initiatives managed to force out the pirates from their operating centers in the hamlet as well as adjacent settlements.

25.U . N . officials have said a surge in fighting between southern rebels and government forces coupled with persistent drought has caused 700, 000 southerners to miss their harvests this year.

26.Rigid application of the provision, Judge Kaye noted, would result in an absurd " Catch-22 " situation of forcing couples " to choose one of two co-parents as the child's only legal parent ."

27.A more common process uses a paper coated with diazo, coupler and an acid to inhibit coupling; after exposure the image is developed by a vapor mixture of ammonia and water which forces coupling.

28.But Democrats claim that their measure, though smaller in scope, would provide relief for more married taxpayers because it would eliminate dozens of other provisions _ in addition to increasing the standard deduction _ that force couples to pay.

29.But lawmakers said a centerpiece of the tax package will be reduction of the so-called " marriage penalty, " the feature of the tax code that forces couples with two bread winners to pay more in federal taxes than if the partners were single.

30.In the US army, six states ( Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and West Virginia ) are refusing to comply with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel s order that gay spouses of National Guard members be given the same federal marriage benefits as heterosexual spouses, forcing couples to travel hours round trip to the nearest federal installation.

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