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English-Hindi > forward current" sentence in Hindi

forward current in a sentence

1.The forward current is very small and becomes equivalent to the reverse current of a conventional diode.

2.The " gain " of a bipolar transistor normally refers to forward current transfer ratio, either " h"

3.At sufficient voltages, the thyristor changes to its on state with low voltage drop and large forward current.

4.The most important parameter for transistors is usually the forward current gain, h 21, in the common emitter configuration.

5.At high frequencies, the PIN diode appears as a resistor whose resistance is an inverse function of its forward current.

6.Therefore, the carrier distribution in the whole device is governed by a dynamic equilibrium between reverse current and forward current.

7.Typically the specification will primarily provide a maximum forward voltage drop at one or more forward currents and a reverse leakage current.

8.Typically, an inverter consists of an NPN transistor with the emitter connected to ground and the base biased with a forward current.

9.To my understanding both terms describe a forward current that flows the p-n diode under the influence of an externally applied voltage.

10.The transistor operated in response to light emitted from the LED when forward current bias was generated across the junction of the diode.

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