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English-Hindi > forward defence" sentence in Hindi

forward defence in a sentence

21.Virtually the whole of the Soviet 19th Army attack sector fell upon the 161st Division and its forward defences were overrun by 4 Russian infantry divisions and a tank division.

22.Sri Lankan soldiers captured the 1st Forward Defence Line ( FDL ) Mukamalaai and Kilali 20 November 2008 at about 5 : 00AM, pushing the LTTE lines 800m southward.

23.Before the government offensive, the war in the Northern front was in a stalemate due to the unique topology of the two major Forward Defence Lines, The Muhamalai FDL.

24.Furthermore, the late empire maintained a central feature of the forward defence of the Principate : a system of treaties of mutual assistance with tribes living on the imperial frontiers.

25.The "'Muhamalai Forward Defence Line "'was the Army Defence Line separating the Sri Lankan Army and LTTE militia in North Central Kilinochchi from South Central Jaffna.

26.:" Having thus restored temporarily the forward defences, he now returned to his Company HQ where the Company Commander had been occupied in preparation of a counter-attack.

27.He confirmed the decision made to withdraw from the Wancourt salient and the foot of Vimy Ridge, accepting that a rigid forward defence was impossible given British observation from the ridge.

28.But the existence of such a " strategy " is strongly disputed by several scholars, as many elements of the late Roman army's posture were consistent with continued forward defence.

29.Confronting the challenges of the Cold War, the Menzies government shifted Australia to a policy of'forward defence'as the most effective means of dealing with the threat of communism abroad.

30.The Defence of Australia ( DOA ) policy was adopted after the previous policy of " forward defence " was discredited in the public eye by Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War.

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