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English-Hindi > forward defence" sentence in Hindi

forward defence in a sentence

31.The Escaut Plan / Plan E and Dyle Plan / Plan D were devised for a forward defence in Belgium, along with a possible deployment on the French-Belgian border to Dunkirk.

32.Border-forces would be substantially weaker than under forward defence, but their reduction in numbers ( and quality ) would be compensated by the establishment of much stronger fortifications to protect themselves.

33.After Elephant Pass the LTTE gained some territory in the south of the Jaffna peninsula and Theepan was put in charge of the LTTE's Kilaly-Muhamaalai-Nagar Kovil forward defences.

34.Another war " scare " erupted in 1878 when Russian forces advanced on the capital of Turkey, a British ally, and again galvanised colonial governments in Australia regarding their strategic forward defence.

35.The interpretation of this trend has fuelled an ongoing debate whether the army adopted a defence-in-depth strategy or continued the same posture of " forward defence " as in the early Principate.

36.This did not, however, represent a return to " forward defence " as it involved Australian expeditionary forces deploying from bases in Australia, and not the permanent stationing of Australian military units overseas.

37.According to Luttwak, the forward defence system was always vulnerable to unusually large barbarian concentrations of forces, as the Roman army was too thinly spread along the enormous borders to deal with such threats.

38.Overall, the aim of defence-in-depth was to provide an effective defence system at a sustainable cost, since defence-in-depth required much lower troop deployments than forward defence.

39.On the 8th of March 1916 the Company moved to Esh Shatt to lay light railways, install water storage facilities in the forward defence posts and to construct defences there and at the Quarantine bridgehead.

40.There was a fierce battle happened at Muhamale " Forward Defence Lines " ( FDL ) on April 23, 2008, and the fighting started around 02 : 30 hrs and continued until noon.

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