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English-Hindi > foxtail millet" sentence in Hindi

foxtail millet in a sentence

11.Foxtail millet was the most important crop in terms of the amount grown, however it was primarily used for animal fodder.

12.More recently, the Cishan culture of China has been identified as the earliest to domesticate foxtail millet around 6500 5500 BC.

13.The oldest evidence for foxtail millet at Karuo dates to around 3000 BC . The people of Karuo also supplemented their diet with hunting.

14.The main agricultural staple foods during the Han dynasty were foxtail millet, proso millet, rice ( including glutinous rice ), wheat, beans, and barley.

15.Proso is an annual grass like all other millets, but it is not closely related to pearl millet, foxtail millet, finger millet, or the barnyard millets.

16.The main food of the Yangshao people was millet, with some sites using foxtail millet and others broom-corn millet, though some evidence of rice has been found.

17.In China, foxtail millet is the most common millet and one of the main food crops, especially among the poor in the dry northern part of that country.

18."' Ogokbap "'or "'five-grains rice "'is a kind of Korean food made of a bowl of steamed rice mixed with grains including barley, foxtail millet, millet and soy beans.

19.Diseases of foxtail millet include leaf and head blast disease caused by " Magnaporthe grisea ", smut disease caused by " Ustilago crameri ", and green ear caused by " Sclerospora graminicola ".

20.The names stems from the ancient Latin toponym " Vicus Panicalis ", and by the fact that later the area was used for cultivation of the foxtail millet cereal, called " pan�co " in Italian.

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