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English-Hindi > gadding" sentence in Hindi

gadding in a sentence

11.According to entries in the Stationers'Register, on 14 May 1582, Barker confronted Wolfe once more, seeking a negotiated truce . " Wolfe, leave your Machevillian devices, and conceit of your forreine wit, " he exhorted, " which you have gained by gadding from countrey to countrey ".

12.I have often felt ashamed of cousin Abe in seeing him a full-grown man, gadding around the country barefoot, with his toes outrageously spraddled out by the mud; and instead of reading his books as brother John, through the Decatur politician, so poetically tells us, he would be rowdying around with a pack of wild young men.

13.At the same time he was capable of lavishing avuncular, if conventional advice about women to a nephew, Lionardo : " You need a woman who will stay with you and whom you are able to command, and who will not want to put on airs and spend every day going to feasts and gadding about; for parties can easily turn women into prostitutes, especially a woman with no relations at home ."

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