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English-Hindi > galleons" sentence in Hindi

galleons in a sentence

31.For example, Manila galleons could not sail into the wind at all.

32.The design of fluyts was largely similar to that of the early galleons.

33.Masts were much higher than those of galleons to allow for greater speed.

34.The Portuguese managed to get the three galleons refloated.

35.This means that ?.12 = 1 galleon.

36.The Gavanas destroy both the Jillucian galleon and Patrolman Fox's ship.

37.Urrocco finds the Jilutian survivors hiding in the hull of a space galleon.

38.The Jilutians storm the space galleon and seize it.

39.Instead it sails on, stately as a galleon and twice as obselete.

40.However, once they have seized the galleon, Arnaud turns on Jamie.

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