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English-Hindi > gallery forest" sentence in Hindi

gallery forest in a sentence

31.The band of outlaws who made Pirate Island their hideout was known as the Bosque Gang, being that the island is located within a gallery forest.

32.As a result, the boundary between gallery forest and the surrounding woodland or grassland is usually abrupt, with the ecotone being only a few metres wide.

33.In Venezuela, specimens inhabiting agricultural lands and disturbed forests are larger than those from cloud and gallery forest likely due to the higher productivity of the former habitats.

34.A "'bosque "'( ) is a gallery forest found along the riparian flood plains of stream and river banks in the southwestern United States.

35.One of the famous campaigns by Mitvol was " Dacha war ", against elite cottage settlements that were illegally built in the gallery forest area on Istra River shores.

36.The river bank in this area contains a mixture of native and introduced plants within a gallery forest environment dominated by mature mango trees in the early fruit garden area.

37.Conservation of the gallery forest would be improved by logging both forest types ( gallery & dry ) at the same rate and implementing fire control measures ( Chouteau 2006B ).

38."Hollandaea riparia " is a species of shrubs and small trees named for growing naturally only in riparian and gallery forest as a rheophyte ( river streamside plant ).

39.""'Diospyros geminata " "'is a small tree or shrub of dry rainforest, gallery forest and sub tropical rainforest of Australia and New Guinea.

40.It is endemic to central Brazil, where it is found in the eastern fringe of the Amazon Rainforest, as well as in gallery forest and tropical dry forest within the cerrado ecoregion.

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