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English-Hindi > gallery forest" sentence in Hindi

gallery forest in a sentence

41.The Angola batis occurs in secondary and riverine gallery forest, thick woodland dominated by " Croton spp " as well as adjacent bush, tickets and the ecotone between forest and savannah.

42.It remains locally common in thick secondary vegetation and degraded forest, bordering gallery forest and arracacha ( " Arracacia xanthorriza " ) and granadilla ( " Passiflora " species ) plantations.

43.Framing the gap we can see the typical tree-gallery forest-birch, alder, ash, willow . . . to give way to the Galician agricultural landscape composed of fields, crops and forests.

44.Green-rumped parrotlets are fairly common in open, semi-arid habitat and are found residing in dry scrubland, deciduous woodland, gallery forest, farmland, forest edges, and deforested areas throughout their range.

45.Its natural habitat is often in shaded locations, scrub, woodlands, grasslands, gallery forest edges and alike, and on soils with fertility ranging from very low to intermediate ( and even high ) acidic contents.

46.In areas it is native to, the red important fire ant is still a dominant species and coexists with 28 ant species in gallery forest gaps and ten species in death-feigning behaviours to avoid them with success.

47.It is also known from some gallery forest, north of the Vichada River, although this seems to be the exception for the species, which is much more extensively known from closed-canopy forest to the south.

48.These are distributed in three plant communities; bosque tropical subcaducifolio ( semi-evergreen seasonal forest ), bosque tropical caducifolio ( deciduous seasonal forest ) and bosque en galleria ( gallery forest ), with the first type most prevalent.

49.In secondary forest, it is generally observed from ground level up to above ground, yet in the Andohahela Special Reserve, than in the gallery forest, preferring drier, littoral forest, whereas the brown mouse lemur prefers inland rain forest.

50.Also, arid regions are usually avoided; for example in the dry Caribbean plain of Colombia the species was first recorded in April 1999 . In gallery forest-type environment around the Uruguayan-Brazilian border, it is by no means uncommon.

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