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English-Hindi > gear mechanism" sentence in Hindi

gear mechanism in a sentence

11.Attaching directly to the rear end of the transmission case is the differential and final drive gear mechanism.

12.If the key will not turn at all, the mainspring may be overwound and the gear mechanism locked.

13.The wing was pivoted by an electrically driven gear mechanism located inside the fuselage, just forward of the engines.

14.The gear mechanism may be hand operated with a large wheel or may be operated by an electric motor or pneumatic motor.

15.Experts at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida planned to take apart the gear mechanism from which the screw appeared to be missing.

16.To induce serenity, there's a fountain made from an old gear mechanism, a remnant of the foundry's earlier life as a machine-parts manufactory.

17.To offset the increase in empty weight, much of which was from the electrically powered hydraulic gear mechanism, the 177RG had a Lycoming IO-360 engine.

18.Additionally, all of the gear mechanisms required to open and close Atlantis'six internal and external crew hatches have been rebuilt since Columbia's recent 18-day flight.

19.The rear-wheel gear mechanisms and housing is from the US operations of Getrag Gears, the German company that builds transmissions for BMW cars and motorcycles.

20.Very small synchronous motors are commonly used in line-powered electric mechanical clocks or timers that use the powerline frequency to run the gear mechanism at the correct speed.

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