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English-Hindi > goddam" sentence in Hindi

goddam in a sentence

11.You can do any goddam thing you want, and nobody can do anything about it.

12."It's just so goddam exhausting to be sensitive, " he says.

13.As we were leaving, she screamed, " A cent, a goddam single red cent.

14.It's because I don't buy one goddam drop of gas in the state of Michigan!

15.Her biggest stage success was as Mother Goddam in " The Shanghai Gesture " ( 1926 ).

16.When it's over, you say, goddam, I'm glad I spent that 90 minutes.

17."Chase those goddam chickens out, or I'll cut them up and cover you with their blood,"

18."Mississippi Goddam " was an angry response to the killing of the civil right { A ` vocate Medgar Evers.

19.""'Mississippi Goddam "'" is a song written and performed by American singer and pianist Nina Simone.

20.Nuke every couple of decades would be like keeping the lawn nice and neat and not letting it grow into a Goddam jungle.

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