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English-Hindi > habegger" sentence in Hindi

habegger in a sentence

21.Trucco replaced Argentine Jorge Habegger, who was fired last week in the wake of Bolivia's humiliating 5-0 loss to Ecuador at home.

22.They joined a subgroup of the Stauffer Mennonites around the ministers Titus and Noah Hoover and Enoch Habegger of the merged Titus Hoover and Reformed Amish Christian Church.

23.But Habegger faced criticism after losing 5-1 to Ecuador in La Paz on Saturday, the nation's first loss on home turf in 20 years.

24.In 1992, in Lugano, along with guitarist Leo Leoni, bassist Marc Lynn, and drummer Hena Habegger, they founded the band " Krak ".

25.The Bolivian Soccer Federation and national team coach Jorge Habegger agreed to part, leaving Bolivia in search of a new coach with two World Cup qualifying matches still to come.

26.Legal documents, church records, notes, fragments and correspondence help Habegger build _ as well as it can be done after 115 years _ a definitive image of the poet.

27.The first three sections of the Loading cable car were built by the German company " Heckel " and the last one by the Swiss company " Habegger ".

28.Colin Chapman, who was not present at Hockenheim that day, suggested that Clark may have picked up debris from an accident during the previous day's practice session, in which Habegger had also crashed.

29.I'm going to read every word of Alfred Habegger's biography of Emily Dickinson, " My Wars Are Laid Away in Books, " which I found revelatory when I sampled it last fall.

30.Critic Alfred Habegger has written that the main character of " Portrait " was inspired by Christie Archer, the protagonist from Anne Moncure Crane's novel, " Reginald Archer " ( 1871 ).

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