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English-Hindi > habitual criminal" sentence in Hindi

habitual criminal in a sentence

11.SAN FRANCISCO _ The speech began : " I am classified as an habitual criminal.

12.In 1933, they enacted the Law Against Dangerous Habitual Criminals and Measures for Protection and Recovery.

13.Bock was then taken back to the Dunedin Supreme Court, and was declared an habitual criminal.

14.Prosecutors offered Waters a deal : He pleaded guilty to theft and the habitual criminal charge.

15.Police said Brits was a habitual criminal who served 13 years in prison after being sentenced in 1980.

16.He generally divided habitual criminals into the mentally healthy and the mentally abnormal, the latter being the'psychopathic'criminal types.

17.The agency says Wyatt resisted treatment and is a habitual criminal who should remain in a prison setting indefinitely.

18.Hence, labeling either habitual criminals or those who have caused serious harm as " criminals " is not constructive.

19.Berry was indicted for the murder and kidnapping of Mary Bounds, and as a habitual criminal on March 1, 1988.

20.He made his final film in 1959, when he played a habitual criminal in " Anatomy of a Murder ".

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