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English-Hindi > habitual criminal" sentence in Hindi

habitual criminal in a sentence

21.And when you take habitual criminals off the street, there's no question that it has an effect on crime ."

22.But if you are a habitual criminal or a repeat offender, then they get a little bit harsh on you.

23.Reports indicated Howard County prosecutor Howard Miller would pursue habitual criminal charges against both men, which would carry life sentences.

24.Since he had two prior convictions he was found to be a habitual criminal and sentenced to a long prison term.

25.Duffy, a habitual criminal, turns out to be Benny Quintero s half brother, and like his brother, hails originally from Louisville.

26."Guys have been monitored, habitual criminals have been spoken to, " said Krige, who was accused by the Australians of spitting.

27.In 1963, before racial desegregation occurred, the facility housed second offenders, habitual criminals, and African Americans over the age of 25.

28.But no one will argue with the fact that the law does incapacitate people who have serious or violent habitual criminal records.

29.Whereby, we prefer to deter habitual criminals before they cause irreparable damage to the city and / / or its property .'

30.Under the Law against Dangerous Habitual Criminals ( passed 24 November 1935 ), habitual criminals were forced to undergo sterilisation as well.

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