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English-Hindi > habitual criminal" sentence in Hindi

habitual criminal in a sentence

31.She also has a 1913 document from the London Criminal Records Office titled " Habitual Criminal Registry Archive for Emmeline Pankhurst ."

32.Under the Law against Dangerous Habitual Criminals ( passed 24 November 1935 ), habitual criminals were forced to undergo sterilisation as well.

33.For the most part, the dogs are owned and controlled by habitual criminals who deal drugs on and around the housing developments.

34.This category included pacifists and conscription resisters, petty or habitual criminals, the mentally ill, and the mentally and / or physically disabled.

35.Most young people in Sweden who commit offences do not become habitual criminals, according to the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.

36.He is due for trial later this month on 1996 charges, including possession of a stolen van and being a habitual criminal.

37.Tranchida, who has served time for breaking and entering and as a habitual criminal, could get life in prison without parole if convicted.

38.Her enemies who were everywhere hated her serenity, so they had to call it ` the serenity of the habitual criminal . "'

39.Hatcher was sentenced to five years in the Missouri State Penitentiary for the attempted abduction and auto theft under the Habitual Criminal Act.

40.West Palm Beach police credit Blocker with helping them find habitual criminal Neal Evans, 30, who was arrested Tuesday and charged in the shooting.

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