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English-Hindi > habituate to" sentence in Hindi

habituate to in a sentence

11.In experimentation with unreliable signalers, individuals became habituated to incorrect calls from a specific individual.

12.Due to their stationary and often predictable nature, wildlife quickly become habituated to propane cannons.

13.It becomes habituated to the noise.

14.While these devices have been shown to be successful, predators can become habituated to them.

15.You habituate to your own smell.

16.Furthermore, for those habituated to caffeine, an extra dose may have little or no effect.

17.People seem to habituate to events that are similar in content and type and strength of emotion.

18.The park is a wildlife refuge and the local iguana population has become quite habituated to humans.

19.What had the druggy frisson may not anymore, because people have habituated to those type of images.

20."I won't say baiting doesn't contribute to bears habituating to human scent.

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