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English-Hindi > habituate to" sentence in Hindi

habituate to in a sentence

41.Typically what you habituate to are stimuli of no proven consequence like the clothes on your body or the ticking of the clock.

42.As persons become habituated to the threat level being perpetually elevated, they were increasingly likely to pay less attention to warnings issued.

43.Furthermore, the magnitude of this effect did not diminish with time, which suggests the CNS did not habituate to heightened cutaneous stimulation.

44.The animals would be released after the steelhead run ends in May, he said, so they cannot be domesticated or habituated to people.

45.The most trouble we should have this year . . . are with bears the are habituated to eating human garbage and things like that.

46.If the orca becomes too habituated to humans, it likely would decrease chances she could be successfully reunited with her pod, officials said.

47.To viewers habituated to realism, the smile is flat and quite unnatural looking, although it could be seen as a movement towards naturalism.

48.It's easy to imagine the cries of rage from a people habituated to crying rage : Are women not still oppressed by glass ceilings?

49.The majority of attacks happened in national parks, usually near campgrounds, where the bears had become habituated to close human proximity and food conditioned.

50.When an infant is sufficiently habituated to a stimulus, he or she will typically look away, alerting the experimenter to his or her boredom.

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