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English-Hindi > habituate" sentence in Hindi

habituate in a sentence

41.People seem to habituate to events that are similar in content and type and strength of emotion.

42.The park is a wildlife refuge and the local iguana population has become quite habituated to humans.

43.What had the druggy frisson may not anymore, because people have habituated to those type of images.

44."I won't say baiting doesn't contribute to bears habituating to human scent.

45.Housing development has occurred since the mid-1990s, with the number of habituated buildings almost doubling.

46.One major difference between the P3b and the P3a is that only the P3a habituates with repeated presentation.

47.When such conceptualized, the value of mindfully considering habituated behaviors and adopting methods for change is illuminated.

48.Hornocker says studies of radio-collared cougars provide strong evidence that some have indeed become habituated to people.

49.In this the mind is stabilized on that realization for periods long enough to gradually habituate it to it.

50.When everything was operating correctly, the indication was true and the operators became habituated to rely on it.

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