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English-Hindi > hadji" sentence in Hindi

hadji in a sentence

11.Footballer of the Year : El Hadji Diouf ( Liverpool and Senegal)

12.El-Hadji Diouf returns to the squad after suspension.

13.The Mayor of Gandiaye was Dr . El Hadji Gueye.

14.Another son, Zachary Hadji, plays for Metz II in France.

15.Many tribes followed Hadji Murad, defecting from the Russians.

16.Takashi drew Hadji taller and thinner than his classic counterpart.

17.Hadji Bakara left the band in 2008 to pursue an academic career.

18.The controversial song Hadji Girl was recorded at Al Asad in 2005.

19.Whelan started the Moroccan duo Moustapha Hadji and Youssef Chippo.

20.In the, Hadji Mohammad Ajul had a population of.

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