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English-Hindi > hadrosaurus" sentence in Hindi

hadrosaurus in a sentence

11."Hadrosaurus " was named the state fossil of New Jersey, designated in 1994.

12.Leidy named the new specimen Hadrosaurus foulkii, or " Foulke's bulky lizard ."

13.Hadrosaurus foulkii became an important part of the scientific evidence for evolution amid the debates raging in Europe,

14.Today, the actual fossil bones of Hadrosaurus are kept safe in the academy's specimen vault.

15.Paleontologists have discovered tracks or fossils from ankylosauria, ornithopods ( including a Hadrosaurus ), and theropods.

16.Hadrosaurus was probably 25 or 30 feet long and lived roughly 80 million years ago in the Cretaceous Period.

17.In 2003, a large bronze sculpture of Hadrosaurus foulkii by John Giannotti was set up in downtown Haddonfield.

18.Scientists'knowledge of Hadrosaurus has not changed much from Leidy's conclusions made more than a century ago.

19.Estimates have the " Hadrosaurus " exhibit as increasing the number of visitors by up to 50 %.

20.Even though Hadrosaurus was the most complete dinosaur known to science, there remained a problem : its skull was never found.

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