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English-Hindi > haver" sentence in Hindi

haver in a sentence

21.Haver says his sense of determination solidified when his grandfather died nine years ago.

22.Directed and written by Tommy O'Haver.

23.Writer-director Tommy O'Haver enlivens the simple story with amusing frills.

24.The case was RMS Titanic vs . Haver, No . 98-2058.

25.A more formal way of expressing the pluperfect uses the verb " haver ".

26.Haver retired from the industry with two'sound'films to her credit.

27.:I don't haver a copy of We Can Work It Out.

28. Tem de haver apoio ao ensino b�sico, sem isso nenhum pa�s avan�a.

29.The Dirty 9s commissioned experienced record producer Greg Haver to produce their debut album.

30.The two of them had initially corresponded while Haver was preparing to climb Everest.

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