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English-Hindi > hayrick" sentence in Hindi

hayrick in a sentence

21."' Lodge Rock "'is a low, snow-capped rock, less than high, between Barn Rock and Hayrick Island in the Terra Firma Islands, off the west coast of Graham Land, Antarctica.

22.The carbine in use by the British during the Crimean War was lampooned in " Punch " magazine as being able, in the hands of a good marksman, to " hit a hayrick at 80 yards [ 73 meters ] ".

23.The memorable scenes are, for the most part, the same : Gabriel's loss of his own farm, as an inexperienced dog fails to stop his sheep from going over a cliff; the fire that threatens Bathsheba's hayricks and brings Gabriel into her employ; Troy's wooing of Bathsheba with a display of swordsmanship that borders on the sadistic; Boldwood's various sessions of obsessive entreaty.

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