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English-Hindi > hokum" sentence in Hindi

hokum in a sentence

11."Pure hokum, " he writes.

12.Finally, it stops near a tourist-driven town plastered with hokum.

13.Johnson's legacy has inspired genius and hokum.

14.Yet the hokum both grounds and enlivens the esoterica of the scientific explanations.

15.No need for subliminal analysis ( debunked as hokum by reputable research ).

16.At times, " Lon Chaney " flirts with pure hokum.

17.This sounds like a whole lot of Hollywood hokum.

18.McTell was also an adept religious music and hokum.

19.The Black Spot is an engaging bit of hokum, the kind boys like.

20.Andy said he believes the hoopla surrounding his younger namesake is mostly Hollywood hokum.

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