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English-Hindi > hotfoot" sentence in Hindi

hotfoot in a sentence

11.Having been delayed in arrival, the Hotfoot contingent now found itself balked by Lao internal politics.

12.Hobbs had preciously trained both Hotfoot and Tanara, as well as Tanara's sire Romulus.

13.Snowy winters mean strong boot sales, and hot summers generally induce consumers to hotfoot it to footwear boutiques.

14.In Vientiane, American officials, the Project Hotfoot teams, and the Programs Evaluation Office did not choose a side.

15.Emblematic of the change, the Hotfoot teams donned their U . S . uniforms and became White Star Mobile Training Teams.

16.Brennan played with Auto Da F? then later with Dublin jazz band Hotfoot during the 1980s until it disbanded in 1987.

17.At the end of the 1980s he went on to play with the Fleadh Cowboys, Hotfoot and regularly accompanied Kieran Halpin.

18.It blithely spends millions to build the M Coupe _ a car of inspired homeliness _ just to give auto writers a hotfoot.

19.Eventually two more colorful characters joined the gang, inept private detective Sniffer Snoop and his pet Hotfoot, a baby polar bear.

20.At first he was called "'Hotfoot Teddy "', but he was later renamed Smokey, after the mascot.

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