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English-Hindi > humming bird" sentence in Hindi

humming bird in a sentence

21.Initially, Humming Bird had only two official members : Yoshiki Fukuyama on guitar and vocals and Toshiyuki Furuya on bass and vocals.

22.Recipes for Lemon, Apricot Gugelhuf, Coffee Blueberry, Swiss Carrot, Philadelphia Citrus Cheese, Fruit, Humming Bird, and All American Chocolate cake are included.

23.One becomes lost and explores the ground, encountering grasshoppers, humming birds and then a rattlesnake that attempts to eat the baby bird.

24.He remained involved in the Humming Bird Medal ( Silver ) for Social Work and Sport by the government of Trinidad and Tobago.

25.Humming birds is surely named from the sound, but it's a sonation, not a vocalization, but I'll list is as being somewhat relevant.

26.Also he and his band, Humming Bird, are both listed in the  Thank You section of all the Fire Bomber album credits.

27.There was a big hoo-ha here in Texas ( where humming birds are relatively common-and people often put out feeders to attract them ).

28.In the year 2000, Pierre, his father Harold, and a friend Jim Donaldson, sailed from Trinidad to Spain in " Humming Bird III ".

29.Their boat was the " Humming Bird III ", a 55-foot teak and plywood ketch, built by Harold, who had built all his previous boats.

30.Dave Lanning from the " The People " quipped that Marilyn " has the mind of a humming bird and often flaps like one ".

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