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English-Hindi > iambic pentameter" sentence in Hindi

iambic pentameter in a sentence

41.The rhythm of each line is iambic pentameter.

42.There is no set rhythm for terza rima, but in English, iambic pentameter is generally preferred.

43.The sixth line exemplifies a regular iambic pentameter:

44."The Parable of the Old Man and the Young " is written loosely in iambic pentameter.

45.For those who still write iambic pentameter.

46."The language is juicy, " said Gurney, " Some of the lines are actually iambic pentameter ."

47.The Halle Keyser system has been criticized because it can identify passages of prose as iambic pentameter.

48.It follows iambic pentameter with the melody.

49.Berkoff takes us on a high-speed, somewhat meandering tour through the landscape of evildoing in iambic pentameter.

50.My shower has an iambic pentameter setting.

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