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English-Hindi > ian wilmut" sentence in Hindi

ian wilmut in a sentence

11.Ian Wilmut, the scientist who created Dolly, a cloned sheep, said human cloning is a " disconcerting concept ."

12.Not that Ian Wilmut was even thinking of deserting his laboratory as a free-agent cloner of the best athletes.

13.In the case of Dolly, for instance, Ian Wilmut began with 277 reconstructed eggs, of which 29 developed into embryos.

14.Speakers include Ian Wilmut, Roslin Institute; Carl Feldbaum, president, Biotechnology Industry Organization; and Maxine Singer, president, Carnegie Institution of Washington.

15.Why would you make another human being ? " said Ian Wilmut, one of the scientists who cloned the sheep.

16.The scientist who cloned Dolly the sheep, Professor Ian Wilmut, 54, was awarded an OBE for services to embryo development.

17.In addition, Scotland-based cloning pioneer Ian Wilmut, whose work produced Dolly, the first cloned mammal, also has applied for a license.

18.When Dolly the sheep was cloned, her creator, Ian Wilmut, was featured in news magazines and on television shows around the globe.

19.The process by which Dolly the sheep was cloned utilized a process known as nuclear transfer applied by lead scientist Ian Wilmut.

20.Not that they haven't been inspired by Ian Wilmut, the Scottish embryologist who created Dolly, the first clone of an adult animal.

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