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English-Hindi > ian wilmut" sentence in Hindi

ian wilmut in a sentence

31.And for three years, Ian Wilmut has been taking calls from grieving parents and others begging him to clone their loved ones back to life.

32.Forget bizarre notions of human cloning and let scientists find ways to kill disease-causing genes in people, Scottish researcher Dr . Ian Wilmut said Wednesday.

33.Dr . Ian Wilmut, the scientist who created the cloned sheep Dolly, said Friday that he intended to try again to clone an adult animal.

34."Cloning by the present methods is a lottery, " said Ian Wilmut, the scientist who cloned Dolly the sheep, in commentary published with the finding.

35.Even Ian Wilmut, the Scottish scientist who introduced Dolly the cloned sheep to the world, has said cloning humans today " would be extremely irresponsible ."

36.Ian Wilmut described Mr . Siegel as an  unsung hero in his book, " After Dolly : The Uses and Misuses of Human Cloning ".

37.Dr . Ian Wilmut of the Roslin Institute, credited with creating Dolly, said in an e-mail comment that the ACT paper " is very interesting ."

38.No defects have so far been detected in Bonnie, who is a " perfectly healthy " animal, said Dr . Ian Wilmut of the Roslin Insititute.

39.In fact, in 2006 Ian Wilmut admitted that Keith Campbell deserved " 66 per cent " of the credit for the work on Dolly the sheep.

40.To Ian Wilmut, leader of the Scottish research team that cloned Dolly, the answer is not as complicated as it seemed to be to his American colleagues.

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