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English-Hindi > income tax evasion" sentence in Hindi

income tax evasion in a sentence

1.Snider and Willie McCovey pleaded guilty to income tax evasion in 1995.

2.In April 1961, Coppola was indicted on four counts of income tax evasion.

3.Scher added that income tax evasion is occurring at about the same rate.

4.A state senator pleaded guilty to income tax evasion and campaign finance violations.

5.Adolph Maffie was convicted and sentenced to nine months for income tax evasion.

6.In 1985, a jury acquitted King of income tax evasion charges.

7.First the facts : Flaherty agreed to plead guilty to income tax evasion.

8.Sharif's government had accused the Jang Group of income tax evasion.

9.In 1973, Barrett was convicted of bribery, mail fraud, and income tax evasion.

10.Whitacre has confessed to income tax evasion and defrauding shareholders.

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