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English-Hindi > income tax evasion" sentence in Hindi

income tax evasion in a sentence

21.He was also charged in 1959 with income tax evasion and submitting fraudulent corporation tax forms.

22.In 1934 he initiated the case for the prosecution of Dutch Schultz on income tax evasion.

23.1973-U . S . Vice President Spiro Agnew resigns after his conviction for income tax evasion.

24."It is black money, but is mostly income tax evasion, not drug money, " he said.

25.The elder Zardari was arrested on charges of income tax evasion and bank fraud, said Sethi.

26.Moon served one year in a U . S . federal prison for income tax evasion.

27.In 1996, Pieere Bourque Sr . was convicted in Superior Court, Ottawa, of Income Tax Evasion.

28.Colorful Teamsters presidents like Dave Beck ( 1952-58 ), who was imprisoned for income tax evasion.

29.However, Zancocchio's financial dealings with the restaurant resulted in his first prosecution for income tax evasion.

30.They nailed Capone not for his murders but on a white-collar charge of federal income tax evasion.

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