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English-Hindi > incorrect" sentence in Hindi

incorrect in a sentence

41.The password or PIN is incorrect
यह कूटशब्द या PIN गलत है

42.Incorrect manager password.
गलत प्रबंधक पासवर्ड.

43.I repeat that it is incorrect to say that there is any new parting of the ways , for our ways never lay together .
मैं फिर कहता हूं कि हमारे रास्तों में कोई नया बदलाव नहीं आया Zहै .

44.Incorrect CD-ROM detected
गलत सीडी-रॉम पाई गयी

45.XDMCP: Incorrect XDMCP version!
XDMCP: गलत XDMCP संस्करण!

46.That password was incorrect.
कूटशब्द गलत था

47.That password was incorrect.
शब्दकूट गलत था

48.Password was incorrect
कूटशब्द गलत था

49.It is an incorrect impression that since he does not have to run in the field he does not need to be agile , quick and absolutely fit .
ऐसा सोचना एक दम गलत है कि उसे मैदान में इधर-उधर नहीं भागना पड़ता .

50.Incorrect file format
गलत फाइल रचना

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