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English-Hindi > incriminate" sentence in Hindi

incriminate in a sentence

31.The firm says the tape incriminates Tsvangirai in an assassination plot.

32.The overwhelming incriminating evidence has not been shattered in any manner,

33.He had also vowed never to incriminate his friend, Flemmi.

34.Farrell gives Obregon the incriminating documents from Mundson's safe.

35.Lindsey, however, has prepared incriminating evidence against his employer.

36.This is when the FBI manages to get the incriminating photographs.

37.She does not incriminate Marshall, who nevertheless tenders his resignation.

38.Baltar refuses to incriminate himself and demands a trial by jury.

39.She starts spying on him & Nirmala, taking incriminating pictures.

40.Ch�vez opponents claim Ms Aguilar is being paid to incriminate Moreno.

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