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English-Hindi > induced abortion" sentence in Hindi

induced abortion in a sentence

11.A previous induced abortion does not appear to increase the risk.

12.That is worrisome because even a small number of needles can induce abortion.

13.Mifepristone induces abortions by blocking progesterone, a hormone necessary to sustain a pregnancy.

14.So did Paul Hill who, in 1994, killed a doctor for inducing abortions.

15.Women in the study overwhelmingly said they preferred the drug-induced abortion to surgery.

16.In 1993, approximately 140, 000 induced abortions were performed in Italy.

17.The report says that endomyometritis was caused by a drug-induced abortion.

18.Approximately 46 million pregnancies per year reportedly end in induced abortion.

19.An induced abortion halts these new cells at an immature stage, she said.

20.Mifepristone-induced abortions are more time-consuming and potentially more difficult than the standard surgical procedure.

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