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English-Hindi > induced abortion" sentence in Hindi

induced abortion in a sentence

21.Japanese documents show records of induced abortion from as early as the 12th century.

22.The drug most commonly used in the United States to induce abortion is methotrexate.

23.A pill-induced abortion, doctors explained, is not a simple procedure.

24.Incorrect-they used the bark from the root of the cotton plant to induce abortion.

25.Jain completed his contraceptive medicine and the use of pharmacologic agents to induce abortions.

26.Brind spent the next year unearthing studies that correlated induced abortion with breast cancer.

27.RU-486 is intended to induce abortion in an existing pregnancy.

28.The question arises whether Samarinde will have an induced abortion.

29.In many countries therapeutical abortion is legal, including some where induced abortion is illegal.

30.The rate of legal, induced abortion varies extensively worldwide.

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