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English-Hindi > insert in" sentence in Hindi

insert in in a sentence

21.The latter is an insert in " Public Opinion " on Sundays.

22.This is the type of language I am trying to insert in this article.

23.What about slick paper, such as the inserts in the newspapers and TV magazines?

24.Now he wears inserts in his shoes.

25.Tom Billings received his mother's orthotic shoe inserts in the mail last month.

26.Place the prepared insert in the freezer.

27.He began using an orthotic insert in his right shoe to eliminate his uneven gait.

28.Kramer's improvement consisted of two wooden inserts in the back of the neck.

29.This 23-poster set was issued as an insert in the regular wax packs.

30.I didn't see the advice on concensus required for inserts in the help.

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