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English-Hindi > jack fruit" sentence in Hindi

jack fruit in a sentence

11.The banana is one of three fruits with this significance, the others being mango and jack fruit.

12.These masks are usually made out of saprophyte, jack fruit tree, Alstonia scholaris, Hog Plum tree or the Coral tree.

13.The wood of kadambu, maruthu, jack fruit, and aanjili trees are preferred ( See List of Indian timber trees ).

14.Teak, chestnut, sweet chestnut, lacquer trees, Cassia siamea, magnolia, mango, jack fruit, guava trees, bananas, lychee, green tea and oranges are grown.

15.Lee has also created several sweet desserts such as featherlight jack fruit fritter, espresso cream brulee with spiced red wine tea and dumpling.

16.The village used to have paddy fields, pineapples, Mango grooves, Jack fruit trees and some native fruit bearing trees unique to the area.

17.Gudeg is made from young unripe jack fruit ( nangka muda " ) boiled for several hours with palm sugar, and coconut milk.

18.He began planting avocado, mango, lychee and coconut trees a few years ago and has ordered jack fruit, sapodilla, sugar apple and longan trees.

19.Trees of jack fruit and mango are distributed across the block, and Avla, Black plum, Guava, Papaya trees are also available in large number.

20.On Thursday, about 1, 600 macaque monkeys were being fed bananas and pig feed pellets at the farm under mango, coconut and jack fruit trees.

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