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English-Hindi > jackscrew" sentence in Hindi

jackscrew in a sentence

11.American Airlines, 284 planes, one jackscrew lacked lubricant, relubed.

12.Jackscrews are rarely replaced, the NTSB's Benjamin Berman said.

13.The jackscrew's threads were found to be stripped.

14.A jackscrew or car jack is a familiar mechanical actuator.

15.The last two are the ones with jackscrew problems.

16.The failure of the jackscrew was unprecedented as a cause of a crash.

17.The jackscrews on its jets showed surprising little wear.

18.Spokespeople for Northwest and Delta Air Lines also reported residue on their jackscrews.

19.The nut is kept still and mechanics see how far the jackscrew can wiggle.

20.Readings in excess of above are cause for replacement of acme jackscrew and nut.

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