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English-Hindi > jackscrew" sentence in Hindi

jackscrew in a sentence

21.That plane's jackscrew assembly was replaced.

22.The airline, like other carriers, has focused on jackscrews since the crash.

23.The jackscrew assembly consists of a nut that rides up and down a screw.

24.This has resulted in much more frequent inspection and lubrication of the jackscrew assembly.

25.Boeing believes this is why grease was not getting to the jackscrew during lubrication.

26.Every plane in America's fleet had its original jackscrew, Guzzetti said.

27.American Airlines, 284 planes, one jackscrew lacked lubricant, it was lubricated.

28.Northwest Airlines, 172 planes, one with grit in grease, jackscrew replaced.

29.Mechanics had tested the jackscrew assembly seven times within a few days in 1997.

30.An FAA metallurgist said a tube that put grease on the jackscrew was clogged.

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