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English-Hindi > jailhouse" sentence in Hindi

jailhouse in a sentence

41.Greenwood told The Associated Press in his first jailhouse interview this week.

42.Other disputed evidence against Dedge included testimony by a notorious jailhouse snitch.

43.The jailhouse has since been restored and tours are given.

44.Since the jail was full, the expanded jailhouse was under construction.

45.He found himself in the jailhouse of Totatiche, together with Fr.

46.In the jailhouse, juveniles and women were also detained.

47.The house also served as a jailhouse during the Second World War.

48.It was recorded in Jailhouse Studios summer, autumn and winter 1995.

49.The panel had more to say about the jailhouse conversations.

50."Jailhouse Rock " and " King Creole ."

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