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English-Hindi > jotting" sentence in Hindi

jotting in a sentence

21.Just imagine the postcard jottings the Yankees sent back north during their spring break.

22.Similar jottings were left by the boys in the South, and in Springfield.

23.You start by brainstormingyour story, jotting down ideas about the plot and characters.

24.He mingles with townspeople, jotting down their pleas and complaints in a notebook.

25.Foley takes in all the comments, nodding, occasionally jotting himself a note.

26.Nor has anyone yet drawn comparisons with the inspirational diary jottings of Lei Feng.

27."It's just the jottings of his own experience,"

28.He was the author of " Jottings-Music in Verse ", 1863.

29.Mrs . Pequette said, " and it contains his jottings about his loneliness.

30.Why, you can even stop for a mocha latte in between jotting down verbs.

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