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English-Hindi > kabul river" sentence in Hindi

kabul river in a sentence

31.The district, which contains 40 main villages, is located around the city Jalalabad, spanning both sides of the Kabul River.

32.The Kabul River, the only large river in the Kabul province, is fed by springs and snow-melt runoffs from Paghman.

33.The city's commercial center, along the Kabul River in the southeast, has been smashed into a huge pile of brown bricks.

34.Timber loaded on a raft in the Kabul River and destined for Pakistan were seized, said Sayed Fazel Akbar, the Kunar provincial governor.

35.The Kabul River, long, is a vital source of water in the Baba Mountains and for Kabul itself, which it flows through.

36.Rivers that flow from the mountain system include the Helmand River, the Hari River and the Kabul River, watersheds for the Sistan Basin.

37.On an old bridge over the Kabul River, money changers clutching stacks of Afghanis guffawed at the idea of converting the reward into local currency.

38.Built on the Kabul River with help from the zoo in Cologne, Germany, the park was one of the better zoos in the region.

39.This means Panini lived in Salatura of ancient Gandhara, which likely was near Lahur, a town at the junction of Indus and Kabul rivers.

40.Outside Jalalabad, across the clear-blue Kabul River, a huge crater sits where a bomb destroyed the Taliban's No . 9 division.

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