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English-Hindi > kabul river" sentence in Hindi

kabul river in a sentence

41."The road is closed to Pakistan, " said Amin Gul, who has no customers at his diesel shop opposite the Kabul River.

42.On the banks of the freezing, filthy trickle that is the Kabul River, women with raw, red-knuckled hands kneel to wash clothes.

43.Part of Nuristan and adjacent areas along the Kabul river and its tributaries in the mountain region that encompasses northeastern Afghanistan, northern Pakistan, and northwestern India

44.The Soviet government promises $ 22, 400, 000 in aid to construct the Jalalabad dam on the Kabul river to provide electricity to the capital.

45.Alexander then dispatched part of his force through the valley of the Kabul River, while he himself advanced into Bajaur and Swat with his light troops.

46.There is a Kabul River ( shahalam ) flowing on the side of Chaghar Matti, which plays an important role in the economy of the village.

47.Water rushes over a small dam in the Kabul River for the first time in five years, and children splash in the river next to the zoo.

48.Bombed-out houses stretch block after block, testifying to the scorched-earth battles Afghan warlords waged along the Kabul River in the mid-1990s.

49.The Kabul River is little more than a trickle for most of the year, but swells in summer due to melting snows in the Hindu Kush Range.

50.On either side of the Kabul River, which forms the city's axis, whole neighborhoods look like Hamburg or Dresden after World War II bombing raids.

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