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English-Hindi > kafirs" sentence in Hindi

kafirs in a sentence

11.London : T . Fisher Unwin, 1907 Kafir Stories . 2nd ed.

12.The Kafir fort of Zamr-i-Atish Parast lay close by.

13.And by the way the word Kafir only means disbeliever

14.All Siah-Posh groups of Kafirs are regarded as of common origin.

15.They were regarded as kafir and even enemies.

16.Kafirs, as having descended from ancient Kambojas.

17.That is the heart of the " kafir " or ungrateful disbeliever.

18.One who respects kafirs, dishonors the Muslims.

19.Ghiyt al-Mris?wherein he declared him a Kafir ( an unbeliever ).

20.Other Islamic scholars and literature, however, consider Jews and Christians as kafir.

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