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English-Hindi > kaisers" sentence in Hindi

kaisers in a sentence

11.Debley predicted Kaiser would fix all the deficiencies within six months.

12.Kaiser knows his posters might frighten children, especially young ones.

13.Kaiser shares rose 11 / 16 to 12 1 / 4.

14.Houston-based Maxxam Inc . owns 70 percent of Kaiser.

15.Even top-rated Kaiser needs to improve, they said.

16.Kaiser Permanente, established in 1945, operates in 19 states.

17.The Kaiser study did not look at specific sources of pollution.

18.Charles Kaiser ( Houghton Mifflin, $ 27.50 ).

19.Previously, Kaiser Permanente had divided advertising among various local agencies.

20.Many Kaiser members had to go to non-Kaiser hospitals.

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