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English-Hindi > kala azar" sentence in Hindi

kala azar in a sentence

11.Many infectious diseases _ tuberculosis, malaria, sleeping sickness and one known as Kala azar, not to mention AIDS _ each kill many more people every year than SARS has.

12.The minister has also issued warning to Chief Medical Officers of Deoria and Varanasi for failing to check spread of kala azar disease . ( msn ) ( 2011-01-08)

13.His work on kala azar ( leishmaniasis ) proved that the disease was transmitted by sandflies and that it could be successfully treated with urea stibamine, an organic antimonial compound.

14.Doctors Without Borders, for instance, fought leishmaniasis, known as kala azar, in southern Sudan from 1989 until it was forced to evacuate the Upper Nile area in 1998 because of fighting.

15."' Kids for World Health "'( "'KFWH "') aims to cover all aspects of the control and elimination of Sleeping Sickness, Trypanosomiasis, Buruli Ulcer, Chagas Disease, and Leishmaniasis / Kala Azar.

16.However, the system, like any other, is not foolproof and there would be the odd one or two who would slip through with undetected diseases, as with the discovery of kala azar.

17.About half a million people worldwide are infected annually with visceral leishmaniasis ( pronounced leesh-ma-NIGH-a-sis, also known as kala azar or black fever ), with about half of the cases in India.

18.Leishman's name was engraved into the history of parasitology by Sir Ronald Ross, who was impressed by Leishman's work and classified the etiologic agent of kala azar into the separate genus " Leishmania ".

19.More recently, armed with a little more than $ 10 million from the Gates Foundation, OneWorld has just started a large and pivotal human experiment in Bihar, India, that's testing a drug to treat kala azar.

20.During his time in India he was a member and later Director of the Kala azar Commission from 1926 to 1933 and Director of the King Institute of Preventive Medicine and Research, Guindy, Chennai from 1934 to 1938.

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