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English-Hindi > kaleidoscopes" sentence in Hindi

kaleidoscopes in a sentence

41.In 1982 Grattan purchased both the Kaleidoscope name and the mailing list.

42.The film is directed by Roger Christian and produced by Kaleidoscope Entertainment.

43.The portal intends to be the kaleidoscope of India content in wikipedia.

44.Think about the kaleidoscope of social and political change during our four years,

45._Kaleidoscope, a San Antonio-based network specifically for the disabled.

46.Some are like kaleidoscopes, with colors and shapes swirling and shifting symmetrically.

47."We're a kaleidoscope ."

48.The entire city is a kaleidoscope of ethnic diversity.

49.Berger . " The kaleidoscope of the world was here ."

50.Eight different kaleidoscope systems employ media ranging from water to shards of glass.

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