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English-Hindi > kampucheans" sentence in Hindi

kampucheans in a sentence

41.Considered a steadfast adherent to Vietnam's Kampuchean policy, Chan Sy had made visits to Bulgaria, East Germany as well as to the Soviet Union.

42.The Kampuchean People's Revolutionary Armed Forces ( KPRAF ) constituted the regular forces of the pro-Hanoi People's Republic of Kampuchea ( PRK ).

43.Because the operation had no staff at the beginning, UNICEF agreed to a six-month loan of its Kampuchean Emergency Unit until UNBRO could hire its own people.

44.The Third Indochina War, commonly known as the Cambodian Vietnamese War, started on 1 May 1975 when the Kampuchean Revolutionary Army invaded the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc.

45.Between 16 19 February 1979 Vietnam and the new Kampuchean regime held a summit meeting which concluded with the two countries signing the Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Cooperation.

46.Chan Sy spent many years in Vietnam and was a founding member of the Kampuchean United Front for National Salvation ( FUNSK ) that overthrew Pol Pot's regime.

47.Following the overthrow of the Pol Pot-regime, Por became the general secretary of the Kampuchean United Front for National Salvation ( KUFNS or FUNSK ) in 1979.

48.The "'Kampuchean People's Representative Assembly "'( ) was the official name of the unicameral legislature of Cambodia during the Democratic Kampuchea period.

49.The Kampuchean National United Front for National Salvation ( FUNSK ) revived the flag adopted by the Khmer Issarak in the days of anti-French resistance for the new state.

50.Meanwhile, in Phnom Penh, the Kampuchean leadership had developed a seething fear and hatred of the Vietnamese leadership as a result of Vietnam s historical dominance over their country.

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