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English-Hindi > kaolin" sentence in Hindi

kaolin in a sentence

41.The common clay minerals are montmorillonite or smectite, illite, and kaolinite or kaolin.

42.It was extended north five miles from Sandersville to a kaolin mine and processing plants.

43.The Kaolin Road is owned and was started by the Tarbuttons of Sandersville, Georgia.

44.Now, the main question is about gibbsite formation in the middle of kaolin series.

45.In addition to tin, some " Forest Clay " ( kaolin ) was sold.

46.Silica and kaolin are also sometimes used.

47.The area is characterised by multiple groups of early Tertiary kaolin crusts and Tertiary sediments.

48.Some grades of processed kaolin, however, sell for more than $ 700 a ton.

49.Purified kaolin in a suspension with pectin from apples has long been used to fight diarrhea.

50."No one has really studied kaolin-specific pica, " he said.

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