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English-Hindi > karake" sentence in Hindi

karake in a sentence

31.The rebels killed minority Tutsis as well as Hutus they accused of collaborating with the Tutsi-led government in pre-dawn attacks Tuesday, said Col . Karenze Karake, deputy commander for the region.

32."Although there has been some disruption, life has returned to normal, " the agency quoted Col . Karenzi Karake, deputy commander in the central Gitarama-Kibuye area, as saying.

33.Karake said Israeli authorities gave in to many demands, including an end to strip searches, allowing prisoners to talk to their families on the phone, and removing glass partitions between prisoners and visiting relatives.

34.Karenzi Karake, Rwandan army chief of operations, said Rwandan troops remain 60 kilometers ( 38 miles ) southwest of Bunyakenge, a position they took after withdrawing from the front line to comply with a 1999 cease-fire agreement.

35.In Pweto, now a ghost town on Congo's border with Zambia, Rwandan Col . Karenzi Karake watched 2, 000 of his troops march single file into the lush, tropical forest where some of the fiercest fighting took place in December.

36.Brig .-Gen . Karenzi Karake, the Rwandan army's chief of operations, said Congo's government conducts aerial drops of arms and ammunition to support the Rwandan insurgents operating in parts of eastern Congo held by Rwandan-backed Congolese rebels.

37.Meanwhile, 800 prisoners suspended their strike until Monday after jail administrators conceded to some of their demands, including allowing relatives to visit, taking prisoners out of solitary confinement and calling off strip searches, said Issa Karake, director of the Palestinian Prisoners Association.

38.Col . Karenzi Karake, the senior Rwandan commander in Kisangani, said he had received instructions to stop firing by 4 p . m . Earlier he said the U . S . ambassador to the United Nations, Richard Holbrooke, had been involved in the negotiations.

39."The team will investigate Uganda's allegation that Rwanda is training Ugandan dissidents . . . and Rwanda's complaint against Uganda that it is training the Interahamwe ( Rwandan rebels ), " said Col . Karenzi Karake, Rwandan army chief of operations.

40.Col . Karenzi Karake, Rwandan army chief of operations, said the burden is now on the Congolese army to reciprocate Rwanda's goodwill, and on the international community to ensure that all sides observe a July 1999 agreement to end the fighting and bring democracy to this central African nation.

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